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Helping San Bernardino Homeowners Get Maximum Solar Panel Installation Savings

If you live in San Bernardino, or anywhere in California for that matter, saving money on your electricity bill is a high priority. We are helping homeowners across San Bernardino take control of their electricity bill by using solar energy systems. With the federal tax credit and the over 55% drop in equipment prices, going solar is a no-brainer in San Bernardino, CA. 

You Will Save Money With Solar in San Bernardino

  • $0 Down

We offer $0 down for design, permitting, and installation costs. 

  • Tax Incentives

Federal and local solar tax credits and rebates are available.

  • Save A Life

20% of all profit goes to fight human trafficking

Save Money & Save A Life

Back The Blue Solar believes that every human being has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This is why Back The Blue Solar Company of San Bernardino is heavily involved in stopping human trafficking in our community and around the world. We are the only solar company in San Bernardino and the United States that gives 20% of all profit to organizations who work closely with law enforcement to thwart the evil plans of some of the sickest individuals on the planet. When you decide to go solar with Back The Blue Solar, you are part of the solution and God willing, we’ll catch everybody who profits off of the misery of other human beings. 

You Will Get Premium Solar Equipment – Solar Panels San Bernardino

There is no better time to go solar in San Bernardino with Back The Blue Solar. We are your go-to company for solar panel installation in San Bernardino because we make sure you save money day 1. 

Your solar panel system is built for your home, budget, and lifestyle because every homeowner’s needs are different. All of our solar panels come with a 25 year warranty along with a production guarantee, workmanship warranty, and a roof penetration warranty. 

Can Everyone Go Solar?

Here is one thing no other solar company will ever tell you: Solar does NOT work for everyone! This isn’t because the technology doesn’t work or isn’t efficient. It’s simply because of the homeowners situation, and vast needs that vary from homeowner to homeowner. Solar panels need sunlight to produce electricity so there are a couple things that make them not the best choice for some homeowners. 

It could be because there are big trees blocking their property from receiving solar energy from the sun. It could be because their roof is too small to fit all the panels required to eliminate their electric bill. These are the most common problems some homeowners face when going solar, however, for the vast majority of homeowners in San Bernardino, California, solar makes perfect sense. 

Does Solar Make Sense If You Live In San Bernardino?

As stated above, certain San Bernardino homeowners may not see as a great a benefit as the vast majority of San Bernardino homeowners from going solar. 

Typically, these are the things you should consider when going solar: 

  • How much is your electric bill? 

If you pay more than $80 per month, solar is going to save you money. 

  • Do you like to have a set bill every month?

If so, solar is a great choice. Whether you decide to rent your electricity (called a power purchase agreement or lease) or own your electricity (finance the solar system) solar locks in your rate for a minimum of 12 months so you will be able to plan how much you spend on electricity for an entire year. 

  • Do you want more electricity for less money?

Solar panels generate on average about 21% more electricity than what you are currently buying from Southern California Edison (SCE). That way when summer rolls around, you can turn your house into a freezer and you’ll STILL be paying less than you used to. Talk about bang for your buck!

How Much Will You Save By Going Solar in San Bernardino?

Solar Saves You Money on Power Bills

Solar panels can save you more than 95% on your monthly power bills. Unfortunately, due to California law, no home can be 100% free from the grid which means you will always have an electric bill but it will be a small bill of ~$10-$13. 

Solar Saves You Money Through Tax Incentives

If you decide to own your solar system, you qualify for a tax credit from the federal government. In 2020, the government finances 26% of the cost for your solar system. So for every $10,000 spent to go solar, the government will issue you a tax credit for $2,600. This tax credit will be lowering to 21% in 2021 and could be nonexistent in 2022. If you decide to lease the system, you will not own the solar system and will therefore have no need for a tax credit. 

Solar Saves Our Environment

For those San Bernardino homeowners who care about the environmental impact of their system, your residential solar system will have kept from burning over 80 tons of coal and it is equivalent to planting over 4,000 trees.

Solar Saves a Life

When you go solar with Back The Blue Solar in San Bernardino, 20% of any profit we make goes towards groups that help law enforcement in the fight against human trafficking. One such group is “Operation Underground Railroad” which has rescued more than 3,000+ children and women to date all over the world and provides equipment/training to law enforcement to assist them in the fight against modern day slavers. 

Own or Rent?

This is entirely up to you as the homeowner. Some homeowners like the idea of owning their own solar system and all of the electricity it creates while others would rather lease the solar system to just get a cheaper electric bill. Both options are fine but there are pros and cons to both of course. Here are four things that are considered mandatory to go solar:

  1. You will need a credit score of ~635+
  2. Your debt to income ratio (DTI) cannot exceed 60%
  3. You need to have space for the panels either on your roof or on your property as a ground mount. 
  4. Your panels need to be in the sun without much shade. 

Financing a Solar System


  1. MUCH cheaper electricity than what you currently pay for at the electric company. 
  2. You own your solar system. 
  3. You can pay your system off early. 
  4. You can utilize the solar tax credit.
  5. Cheaper than a lease in the long term. 


  1. The only con of owning your solar system (unless you’re paying cash) is that you are financing the solar system so it will appear as debt on your credit report. If you are ok with that then there really are no cons at all. 

Leasing a Solar System (also called a Power Purchase Agreement [PPA])


  1. MUCH cheaper electricity than what you currently pay for at the electric company. 
  2. You are leasing the solar system so there is no debt incurred if you can’t afford to pay cash for the solar system. Think of it like switching electric companies. 


  1. Not as cheap electricity as owning your solar system. 
  2. You don’t receive the solar tax credit. 

Either way, you will be saving literally a fortune on electricity so it really just depends if you want to own or rent your solar system. Both are good decisions and it just depends on your personal preferences. 

What Happens After You Decide to Go Solar?

Once a homeowner decides to go solar, the Back The Blue Solar team of San Bernardino gets to work in ensuring that your installation happens as soon as possible. We schedule a site survey, request permits from the city, and ultimately install the system. In the meantime, you do not pay for the solar system up until 60 days after the loan or lease agreements have been signed. So once the solar system is installed, you typically have ~3-4 more weeks before any kind of payment is due!

What Happens After Installation

After the system has been installed, you will then “not have an electricity bill”. Now this is often misunderstood by homeowners so pay close attention. Once your solar system is installed you will pay for the solar system and once a year (called your annual true up) you will receive a statement from your electric company that tells you how much electricity your home took from the electric grid during that 12 month period. In 95% of cases, your electric company will owe YOU money and you can request that be debited to your account. In 5% of cases, you will owe them money. 

Now again, a lot of San Bernardino homeowners misunderstand this part. Just remember that the State of California will ALWAYS get their money so they have made it illegal for you to actually disconnect from the electric company so that they can still collect taxes from your connection. So you will see about $10-$13 per month that is ALL taxes and fees. In all cases, those fees are erased by the electricity you sell back to your electric company because your solar system sells more electricity back to the electric company than you use. Now if you go OVER what your system produces, THAT is when you will receive a bill. Solar isn’t magic but you will always get more electricity for less money. For instance, with Back The Blue Solar, you will receive about 15%-25% more electricity than you need and you will STILL pay less than what you currently pay. Now if you manage to use more than the 15%-25% extra electricity on top of all the other energy your solar system produces, that is when you will pay a bill. 

So whether you choose to go with us or with someone else, always be sure to ask, “How much offset will my system produce?” Anything over 100% means that your solar system will cover all of your electricity bill and some. Anything below means that it will cover up to X% of what you currently spend on electricity. 

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Thinking about finally making the switch to installing solar panels on your home? Ready to learn more information to see if your home would be a good candidate? Give Back The Blue Solar Company of San Bernardino a call today! We provide one of the most thorough energy audits and solar assessments in the San Bernardino area, and it is always 100% free. Our job is to serve as your consultants, to carefully show you all of your options, and help you truly understand whether solar is the best fit for your home. With our core values centered on honesty and integrity, we will not sell you something that will not save you money, and benefit your home and household as many other contractors will. Give us a call today to set up your free San Bernardino solar inspection – you have nothing to lose, except your utility bill!

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With over 20 years of servicing the Los Angeles metropolitan area as former first responders, and experience in the solar industry, we take pride in our L.A. roots. We are devoted, caring members of the community. Our solar company is founded on the same morals that we held daily as officers. Our commitment is to serve our neighbors, and community. Take peace of mind in hiring a solar company that works in your best interest. We donate 20% of profit to fight human and children trafficking, as well as provide discounts to first responders & military personnel!

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Jeffrey Andra
Jeffrey Andra
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Thank you to the entire BTB team for helping with our solar installation job! They made the process easier than going at it ourselves. We never felt pressured at any point, and Joshua truly appeared to be concerned with what would be the best option for our home. Our new system is perfect, and the cost savings will pay for themselves. If you are someone like me who is only confident in a big purchase after having a detailed presentation, you will be glad you went with BTB!
Phillip Black
Phillip Black
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Nothing but good things to say. They helped us from beginning to end, holding our hand step by step. Everything was done professionally and exactly how they said it would be. A+ Experience
Mike Roges
Mike Roges
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Back The Blue Solar was a great company to work with. The service we received was outstanding. The pricing was the best of any estimate we got. Josh was extraordinarily patient with us - even though we had 150 questions. The installers were all competent and conscientious of our home. Overall they did an outstanding job. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them!

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With our roots focused on enriching and benefitting our local community, we apply that same mindset to everything that we do as a company! This includes the fact that we only source our solar panels from American-made solar manufacturers! As a socially responsible company, we emphasize only using American-made products to support our local economies, as well as using high-grade American made solar panels. When you hire Back The Blue Solar, you are hiring a solar contractor that is founded on integrity, uses American products, and graciously donates to charities to help improve the world we all live in together.


Joshua Duncan

Police owned, and Christian values separate Back The Blue Solar from every other solar company you’ve seen. Service and integrity drive all that we do, and my wife & I are proud to serve the L.A. metro by providing a money saving solar product at the best price available. With 20% of profits going to fight human trafficking, we’re not about the money here, and we want to leave this world better than how we found it. This is my promise to you: When you think about going solar with Back The Blue Solar, you will receive a quote that is fair and that is in your best interest. We believe that when you do good business and you treat people right you’ll never want for anything and we stand by that.

Yes, solar experience matters!

When it comes time to installing solar on your roof, turn to ‘Back The Blue’, who you can feel confident in serving you. With years of experience as First Responders, we have an oath to always serving our community and customers. We take pride in offering best-in-industry warranties, top of the line solar equipment, world-class installation craftsmanship! Trust your home to Los Angeles #1 Solar Installer!

Common questions

Below we’ve put together some answers to the most frequently asked questions about Going Solar!

Short answer, yes. In terms of details, the only time solar panels aren’t generating energy is when the sun isn’t out. The sun is always going to be there (if not you have much bigger problems) and in tandem with minimum 25 year ironclad warranties, you can’t lose. If you’re still not convinced. the US Department of Defense pledged to purchase enough equipment to provide 3 gigawatts of electricity to their bases by 2025. So if our military uses it, it’s good enough for your home.

Solar panels don’t need sunshine more than they need UV rays. Remember how you got a sunburn when the sun wasn’t even out? Well that’s the same energy that your solar panels use on overcast days. However, solar panels do not generate energy at night since the sun’s UV rays are not hitting the panels. This is where having a battery allows you to benefit most from your solar system so that you can utilize your own power at night instead of the electric company’s. 

To keep it simple, solar gives you more electricity for less than what your electric company charges you for (on average 25% more). So a solar system saves you money by providing more electricity and charging you less for it. A solar system also is paid for on a set payment schedule. If you finance your system (to own it) then your bill will never go up. If you rent your system then your bill will only go up once a year and stay constant for that entire year.

Just to clarify, we are NOT tax advisors and if you have any detailed questions we suggest you consult your tax advisor. Let’s use coffee as an example.

I buy coffee for my wife and I and it costs us $16 (taxes taken by the government). I pay with a $20 which means that I get $4 back (my tax refund). Now imagine I have a gift card (tax credit) that is worth $5. So on top of the $20 I now add my $5 gift card which means that I really only paid $11 and the coffee shop (government) now owes me $9 instead I used my gift card.

I cannot ask the coffee shop to give me cash for my gift card since it only applies to items I want to buy from the coffee shop. So if you do not pay taxes then you cannot use the tax credit and it would be better to lease your solar system instead.  

Solar panels are very easy to maintain because the most you will need to do is get them cleaned every now and then (typically ever 3-5 years unless major natural incidents occur). 

Back The Blue Solar’s warranty protects against that so if it were ever to happen, it is 100% covered and you are not responsible for fixing it.

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